Our Brands

We've chosen the brands we carry wisely, ones that uphold the same standards as our own and craft their pieces with precision and reliability.



S.Kashi is a New York City Based Designer brand that designs unique one of a kind pieces that mix old and new techniques to create breath taking works of art that you can embrace in.


Quality Design Group NY

Based in New York City with a team of international designers from Turkey, Hong Kong, and more places from around the world, Quality Design Group offers pieces with international origin - Want the latest from Paris? They've got it. How 'bout the Middle East? Absolutely. 



ArtCarved was established in 1850, A Luxury brand among engagement brands and ones that will last generations to come. Distinct designs and superb quality will leave you appreciative of the brand and their history. ArtCarved specializes in Engagment and Wedding Bands.



Founded in 1875, Joseph Bulova's quest to create quality timepieces for the ever changing landscape and dynamic has been fulfilled. Bulova today is re-shaping itslef to be one of the few mass market high end Japanese watch brands to compete with Swiss luxury watches.



Seiko was the first company to create a succesful and reliable quartz battery movment in timepieces. The brand has existed since 1881 and has styles that range from tradition to ultra-modern. 



One of the first to implement Solar powered watches to the market; Citizen is known for its reliable Eco-Drive movement that is has successfully implemented into every timepiece available for sale today.  


Weddings show off your personality, your ring should too. Whether you have a heart that clings to the precious beaches of hawaii, a fascination for history, or just love the shine of diamonds -  your ring should display that. Thorsten makes that happen. They work with many different materials, from ceramic, tungsten, titanium, and dinosaur bone to the classic gold.


Elle Jewelry

Using fashion as benchmark for creative inspiration, ELLE Jewelry designs reflect the most up-to-date and ready-to-wear trends. Like the pages of ELLE magazine, ELLE Jewelry evolves from season to season, as colors and fashion trends change. The ELLE Jewelry collection offers a distinguished look and edge that is chic, modern, and bold. Ultimately, we believe accessories should be a personal expression, away of celebrating a woman’s love of style!


Cape Cod

Cape Cod jewelry represents what it is to live in New England. Starting with the original cape cod bracelet - a single wire either silver or gold held together by a screwball. The design is simple, elegant, and can be worn for any occasion. Many of our customers never take them off and have worn them for more than 10 years straight.



Based in Rhode Island, Carla has superb customer service, a lifetime warranty to cover their work from defects, and a great selection of jewelry that runs more modern and contemporary but keeps the most popular traditional styles in it's inventory.


LeStage Convertible

LeStage Convertible bangles are meant to show off the things you love. The solid gold or silver bracelets hold on to charms that represent your memories, favorite things, or things to come.



Based in Rhode Island, an Italian Family who specializes in Irish claddagh jewelry. I know - who would have thought? Solid heirloom quality jewelry is what to expect when purchasing a piece with their name on it.